Lately I have been running across a lot of blogs and web sites dedicated to food. Not the eating or cooking of food, but fetishistic passion for how food look and how it is an artictic medium (in the visual sense).

It all started with a Flickr site called Obento! The story behind the food is thus… “Cute lunches made for me by my girlfriend!”. His girlfriend (should be wife considering those lunches!) has a sister site Anna the Red’s Bento Factory where she dished the dirt on how she makes the lunches.

Along similar lines, I stumbled across a page on “How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi” where people turn those adorable Easter peeps into sushi. A great treat for the kids.

Finally, there is the more mundane but yummy site Pretty Foods & Pretty Drink which bills itself as “Too Pretty to Eat. Too lovely to Drink.” Enough said.

As a proud non-foodie, I heartily approve of this approach to food as art (that you can opt to eat).