Homemade Pop Tarts, Girl Scout Cookies & Snicker Bars

Never satisfied to let a good thing be, a number of people are attempting to create homemade versions  of yummy treats such as Pop Tarts, Girl Scout Cookies and Snickers bars.

A little Pop Tart trivia for you. Walmart is so good at tracking customer purchases, that they know people stock up on Pop Tarts when they know big storms are coming. Not only that, but specifically Strawberry Frosted Pop Tarts (my personal favorite!). On top of that, Walmart has an internal weather forecaster who tracks the weather and they use his guidance to shift inventory in their warehouses in advance of storms to ensure that they have an ample  supply of Pop Tarts (and other essentials… water, generators, etc.) when the storms hit.

While I applaud their attempt to make a Snickers bar, something seems to be missing in the translation.

The Girl Scout Cookies however look yummy-licious.

See Baking Bites for the cookies…

Smitten Kitten “Home-made Pop Tarts
Instructables “DIY Snicker bars


1 thought on “Homemade Pop Tarts, Girl Scout Cookies & Snicker Bars

  1. I had to laugh . . . we stock up on Poptarts before a big storm. Glad to know that Walmart will always be looking out for my needs. 🙂

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