The WSJ this morning has an article on the obsessive behaviors of people who bake their own sourdough bread.

Ms. Farjado had previously taken her starter from Germany to Fairfax, Va., to Uzbekistan on postings as a foreign service officer for the State Department. She transported it in a water bottle sealed with duct tape. One time, the bottle exploded in Mr. Farjado’s suitcase and covered his clothing with sticky white glop.

When I was an undergrad coordinating the annual student art show at Brown, we had a sculpture that did the same thing. Nancy (the artist)  regurgitated food for a week and filled seven bottles with it (one for each day) and then sealed them. One morning I got a call from the gallery director telling me that a couple of the bottles exploded and I needed to get the artist down to the gallery ASAP. Okay, back to sourdough culture…

I find it fascinating how people can become so obsessive over food. Perhaps that’s what I like about foodie culture. Just think of all those nights spent watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Bobby Flay’s Throwdown, and Top Chef. Perhaps it’s because I am so completely not a foodie that these people interest me. I mean, food can taste good and be pleasurable, but do these people have some super sensitive taste buds or biological urge that others don’t share?

WSJ “Was that blob in your kitchen born in the Gold Rush?

Was That Blob in Your Kitchen Born in the Gold Rush?